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Mohd. Shareef

MessageFROM The CEO


"One Stop Solution…"

We are dynamic and constantly evolving organisation committed to providing with a first class operational service solution. We fully recognise that your reputation can be affected by our performance in your facility.

Our senior management team are located locally which will ensure that your facilities and our on-site team will have our senior management support and supervision close by.

Our solutions meets both the short term and long term needs and most importantly, provide a solid platform for delivering our customer service excellence. As part of our continuous improvement methodology, any scope of improvement will be applied as and when needed.

As your current partner, Beeline knows and understands your requirements and it will be our privilege to further strengthen our relationship through the delivery of a first class service. We greatly value your business and will apply a high level of enthusiasm, innovation and energy to make this long term partnership an outstanding success.

Mohammed Shareef

CEO, Beeline

Our Vision

"To be dedicated, honest, reliable, and thorough in every job we do. Take pride in every project we complete, using our experience to provide excellent customer service and communication. Our superior cleaning service will provide you with a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers and employees."

Our Values

Beeline is dedicated and committed to a higher standard of service and a healthier environment. Beeline employees has the motivation and dedication to exceed the expectations of our clients in the quality service that we provide. At Beeline we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and quality assurance programs.

Company Profile

Beeline is one of the Dubai based cleaning companies and has been providing quality, cost-effective commercial janitorial services to UAE. From one time per week office spaces, to 24/7 industrial settings, Beeline can develop a janitorial program that fits your unique needs.

Customer satisfaction and a consistent quality of service is the foundation of our company. Top company management with 50 years of experience in cleaning industry is directly involved with cleaning programs for every customer and job inspections are routinely performed as part of our quality control program. Ownership personally guarantees that each customer will receive the highest level of professional cleaning services available.

Thinking about green cleaning? Beeline has you covered there too! During the past couple of years, Beeline has been researching, testing and reviewing various green cleaning products and methods. We can help you develop a green cleaning program for the smallest of offices to the largest of manufacturing facilities.

We are licensed, bonded and fully insured. Employees are interviewed, screened and selected by top management. Your facility is totally protected when it is under our care! Please contact us if there is anything we can do to earn your business. You can contact us at the phone numbers below, or through the contact form located on the “Contact Us” page on this website.

All of our sustainable facilities management services are supported by strong technical services capabilities, market leading compliance, a skilled and able workforce, and extensive industry knowledge that comes from a company with over many years’ experience. Depending on your needs, we can create bespoke bundles and package services to meet your specific requirements.

Our Services


House Keeping

Life is too short to spend it cleaning, so let us take the strain from you. Let us give you that most precious commodity. Beeline is designed for people who expect more for the services they buy: people who need high quality cleaning services, a non-toxic and healthy home environment, a consistently clean and dust-free result, staff that is well trained and organized, reasonable rates for a high value return on their time saving investment.


Window/Facade Cleaning

We provide our clients with reliable and professional window cleaning services and contract cleaning services. Our clients can rest assured that their contract cleaning requirements will be fulfilled on time and to the highest of standards. Whatever the contract, we design a program to meet each client's individual needs, which we then deliver efficiently and safely. If you have a query, we have an accurate and correct answer.


Marble Cleaning

Beeline is one of the premier floor restoration and maintenance companies that render marble cleaning and polishing services. Our working location is the destination where your search for a result-oriented and professional cleaner comes to an end. Our services are suitable for all sorts of facilities whether it is a home or house or office building or retail shop or restaurant or hotel room or shopping mall.


Maid Services

We work for your convenience. Let us know how often you need Beeline maids to come and clean your house. Then, book your weekly, bi-weekly or one-off clean online with imminent confirmation. After you confirm your booking, your trusted cleaner will arrive at your place on time. No hassle on the phone, just enjoy your clean house and pay cash after the cleaning service. That's it! We wanted to add a third step, but there isn't one.


Pest Control

Beeline offers the complete Integrated Pest Management service. We work with many organisations such as food manufacturing businesses, property management companies, pubs and restaurant chains across sectors like transport, retail, education and hotels. We also offer a comprehensive range of commercial pest control services as well as providing In-house pest awareness training..


Manpower Supply

We are in the business of providing organizations with full service of recruiting solutions to efficiently screen and select the most qualified candidates for their current job openings. We provide recruitment solutions in various verticals like Telecom, IT, Pharma Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment & Media etc.


Watchman Cum Cleaner

Live Easy & Secure because Beeline are there to care and protect you. Our watchman services are available for all types of business and personal needs. We provide our services for homes, persons and companies ranging from property management firms to construction sites. Beeline is capable of providing security personnel for any assignment at moments’ notice. Our security personnel are customer oriented professionals, fully trained, uniformed and well-appointed with the necessary tools to meet any situation.


Conscious Services

You can feel safe and comforatble with us cleaning your home using eco friendly products. Your home will always be cared for by a conscious being with a positive mind set and highly tuned vibration. Conscious services will provide you with the confidence that your home is a healthy and clean environment.


Office Boys & Girls

Boosting response times, enhancing flexibility and bolstering core expertise make the usefulness of contract staffing evident. Our services ensure that you do not lose significant opportunities while making the most of the ones you already have. We recognize the requirements for growth in an enterprise, the tight deadlines that need to be followed, and the assistance required for implementing business deliverables and tailor our processes to help you meet long and short-term goals.


Road Cleaning

The company produces the most comprehensive range of road cleaning and sweeping equipment for a diverse range of applications and the toughest cleansing challenges, designed for ease of use, outstanding performance and lowest cost of ownership. Our reach in UAE provides us with unique insight and knowledge, experience gained in a range of international environments that we can use to provide even better sweeping solutions for our customers.


Pool Cleaning

By our reckoning we figure that we have performed well in individual pool cleaning trips. We know what we need to do on a weekly, monthly and annual basis to give you the very best pool experience possible. Our pool technicians understand that the satisfaction of our customers is their number one priority and that if ever a customer is unhappy with the standard of their pool cleaning the technician will be sent back every day until the customer is completely satisfied.


Yacht Cleaning Services

Beeline can make it happen with our experienced & trained professionals. Our cleaning team will get to work on cleaning the interior of your yacht utilizing the same practices that have made us a leading Dubai Cleaning Company. We'll take care of everything, from the kitchen to the staterooms and everything in between. Don't spend your time on your yacht cleaning you worked so hard for. Let us take care of this, so you can enjoy the open seas.

Leading Cleaning and Facility Management Services in UAE.



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    · Who’ve been involved in setting up digital platforms to hear citizens’ views or engage with citizens;

    · Either in the Dubai or elsewhere;

    · Organisations or individuals who respond to consultations – including trade unions, academics, lobby groups, campaign groups, or interested citizens;

    · Organisations or individuals who don’t respond to government consultations (as you may have a whole host of ideas about how things can improve!)

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Contact details

Beeline Cleaning Services
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