No matter how big or small, complex or straight forward your installation requirements, Safex Limited are ready to meet them. And you can be sure of quality workmanship, commitment and expertise each time. Our first priority while supplying a fire protection system is to familiarise ourselves with the Facility type/application and categorize as per required standards.

Working to performance and design criteria, our team can create tailored solutions that draw on either our own worldwide range of products or those from third parties if necessary. Our skill has been proven time and again through the installation of fire protection solutions that include:

  • Automatic sprinklers/Wet Riser/Dry Riser/ Fire Pumps Systems
  • Addressable Heat-detection and smoke alarms systems
  • Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems
  • Gaseous Suppression Systems to include FM200, CO2 , Inergen systems
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Water Spray and Mist Systems
  • Kitchen Hood or wet chemical Fire suppression system